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Long-Term Conditions

Have you been diagnosed with a long-term health condition that you are having to come to terms with? Or have you lived with a health condition for a long time and want to find new ways of managing it? Perhaps things are getting worse and you would like to understand if there is anything more you can do to reduce the intensity of its symptoms.

Jai knows what its like to experience an invisible disability and has explored many ways of managing her own condition.

What can help?

Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, fatigue or a multitude of symptoms Jai 

Jai has experiencing in working with a wide range of long-term conditions. The types of conditions she has worked with include epilepsy, heart conditions, diabetes, chronic pain conditions, trauma (physical and psychological), Chrons, auto-immune conditions, Lupus, MS. 

Jai has a particular interest in working with invisible conditions, those people who suffer and their symptoms are not visible to the outside. Because she experiencing a long-term condition herself. She has ...

Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, undiagnosed conditions, ME, 

The types of treatment that may be able to help are;





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