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Alleviate physical, psychological and emotional disturbances by bringing harmony back to the body's natural frequency using tuning forks.

When living with Trauma we can constantly feel in a state of imbalance. And that’s because Trauma can disrupt our energetic system. When our energetic system is out of balance we can feel overwhelmed, have difficulty relaxing, low patience, feel scared, in a constant state of alert, low in energy and mood, have racing thoughts and feel unsettled in our mind and nervous system.

Powerful techniques such as Sound Healing and Assemblage Point Alignment can bring the body and mind back into balance again.


In-person and distance healing sessions offered.

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The call of the Whale is the lullaby of the tides

"Whale medicine teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms."

Jai Patel
Accredited Psychotherapist & 
Alternative Healing Practitioner 

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