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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything else you'd like to know, feel free to get in touch

How do you know if I’m the right therapist for you?

Therapy is not one size fits all, so it’s worth enquiring with two or three therapists before deciding who to go with. That’s why I offer a free 20 minute first chat where you’ll get the opportunity to briefly express your current situation and get an impression of the kind of therapist I am. I won’t necessarily suggest you work with me. We’ll talk through the therapy options available and I’ll give suggestions about where to turn next.


How will we work together to help you move forward?

The Complete Trauma Psychotherapist offers approximately two to three sessions of Alternative Healing Therapies, prior to starting Psychotherapy. Each treatment is individually tailored to your needs. 


Can I have an Alternative Treatment without then having Psychotherapy?

Yes, not everyone who receives treatment from Jai comes for Psychotherapy. And so, if you are interested in any of the Alternative Treatments then you are welcome to book these as standalone treatments without Psychotherapy.


I dont think I have trauma, can I still receive help?

Yes, I am trained to work with a whole range of Psychological Problems - find out more.

Whether you have the vocabulary to describe what you feel or not, I will support you to open up, understand what is happening and why it might be getting worse. We’ll work through specific problems using an approach that suits you, to help you to overcome your current challenge. 


What is Trauma?

Trauma is anything that our system has not had the chance to process, and that has remained unprocessed from the past.​  This could show up as a difficult memory or emotion, a feeling that leads to a repetitive unhelpful behaviour pattern, or recurring physical symptoms, pain and tension in the body.  With trauma we can often feel high emotions, anxiety, stress, hypersensitivity or hypervigilance, have difficulty relaxing and problems with sleep.


What is the aim of treatment with The Complete Trauma Psychotherapist?

The aim at The Complete Trauma Psychotherapy, is to help you to reach a place where your trauma no longer takes over your life, reducing the intensity of recurring emotions and memories.

Reaching a place of being able to see the trauma, greet it, welcome it and comfort it so that the space that it takes up lessens and lessens with each reminder.


Do I have to have a diagnosis of trauma to receive treatment?

No - Jai is trained to work with emotional problems with or without a specific diagnosis. 

Jai Patel
Accredited Psychotherapist & 
Alternative Healing Practitioner 

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